Leadership Philosophy

Leadership Philosophy

The Leadership Allegany curriculum follows the Social Change Model for Leadership Development, created by the Higher Education Research Institute of UCLA. The model promotes two key concepts: leadership for the purpose of positive change and leadership as a process.

Based on the flow of the Social Change Model, students begin the year by exploring leadership from the standpoint of the individual. They take a CliftonStrengths online talent assessment and begin to gain a thorough understanding of their personal leadership abilities. They consider how their beliefs, attitudes, values and emotions motivate them and guide their actions. We strive to help students become self-aware and pro-active in terms of their leadership commitment.

Next, students explore group dynamics. They consider topics from the Social Change Model like collaboration and common purpose. They learn that leadership is relational and should transcend personal goals.

Finally, the students study leadership in the context of community and society. During this phase, the conversation shifts to active engagement, citizenship and civic responsibility. Students delve into questions about trust, shared vision, and appreciation of differences.

The curriculum includes the development of a personal leadership vision statement and the completion of a service project designed to effect positive change in Allegany County - hands on activities which put the students' learning into practice.

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