1/10/19 Civic Engagement Curriculum Session

Submitted by JHilsher on Thu, 01/10/2019 - 16:22
By Tonya Metatos: Today was our last curriculum session for Cohort 2019. This curriculum session introduced us to Civic Engagement and Board Membership. Civic Engagement is where an individual or collective group identify and address issues of public concern. The individual or group address these concerns in many ways: Human Services, Volunteerism, Voting, Advocacy, Philanthropy, and Social and Community Building. The main way Americans react to issues of public concern is by Volunteering.

One of the benefits of civic engagement is lower unemployment levels. This is achieved due to social cohesion, networking opportunities, and social capital. One of the ways we can become engaged is by serving on a board. In our session we spoke on the types of boards, basic responsibilities, career benefits, steps to take to join a board, and things to learn about and know before you join a board. One of the major factors you must consider when joining a board is if you are passionate about what this board represents.
You want to like what you are doing and have the proper skill set for the board so you can provide knowledgeable input.