11/15/18 Industry Day- Healthcare

Submitted by JHilsher on Wed, 11/21/2018 - 09:02
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By Maria Adam. Hosted by Team Knowledge, this industry day was held in Wellsville at Total Senor Care and Hospice Facility center as well as the ARA/Counseling Center. We heard from a variety of the professional health care services offered in Allegany County and were given valuable opportunities to network with each speaker. There were numerous aspects of the services which I appreciated. One, the services offered by Total Senor Care and Hospice Facility are impressively well-rounded, “umbrella care” as they termed it. Whatever needed to stay healthy, they are there to support clients--a community center with activities, transportation, pastoral care, etc. Additionally, Allegany County Cancer Services is not only looking to provide support for those with cancer but educate on prevention-- confronting the bigger issue of this disease. As services were presented, a few issues were uncovered. Frist, the barrier of stigma within healthcare. For the ARA/Counseling Center, sometimes individuals who need help will never tap into local resources because of the stigma associated with a counseling center. Moving forward, the center, and any healthcare business, will need to intentionally combat the stigma. I believe it can be done creatively as we become more comfortable as a community to support one another in healthy lifestyles. Secondly, Rachell Trudell also discussed the challenges she and her co-workers experience within their line of work—counseling is not an easy career! She expressed that they must be very intentional to put out negativity within the work place. They actively do by formally and informally touching base. Instead of being loners, they “lift one another up” as a team. I am confident that their work will be so much more sustainable and am encouraged to look for additional ways to implement this principle of support within my work. In conclusion, the highlighted healthcare services left me with a greater pride for our county’s small businesses, particularly the Allegany County Cancer Services and Medical Transport Services. These businesses face many challenges simply because of their location in a rural area. However, they are boldly overcoming obstacles, growing stronger, and our community is richer for them! Thank you Team Knowledge crafting this enriching experience!