5/3/18 Curriculum Session- Consciousness of Self

Submitted by JHilsher on Thu, 05/24/2018 - 10:28
By Brittany Richards: This first curriculum day dipped our toes into the Consciousness of Self aspect of Strength Based Leadership lead by J.L. Miller, Resident Director at Houghton College. This session focused mainly on identifying your individual strengths and building upon them. Once you are aware of your own strengths you can seek motivation easier and can have a greater impact in what you do. J.L. touched on the Johari Window, a technique that helps better define an individual’s relationship with themselves and others. This technique maps out the areas that are known/not to yourself and known/not to others and the relationship between them all. Within this technique, the most dangerous place to be is in the “blind spot” – the information is not known to you but is known to others. Being more aware of where your strengths lie allows you to be within this “blind spot” less often. During the session, we also touched on the definitions of talent, strength, knowledge, and skill as well as their relationship with each other. Both talent and strength are un-teachable while knowledge and skill are teachable. Strength is the addition of talent (transferable), knowledge (not transferable), and skill (not transferable). When an individual plays off their talents they can achieve more at the same task than someone who does not have that natural talent. We also touched on an individual’s ability to live within the balcony or basement of their strength. While we all poses strengths we may not know how to best utilize them leading us to live in the basement with them. If we utilize a strength well then you are performing from the balcony, able to see the best course of action to utilize your strength to its best ability. I found this curriculum session to be very informational and empowering. Learning about your strengths allows you to better serve yourself and those around you, both professionally and personally. The application of our strengths to goals we set for ourselves is also a useful tool taught during this session. Identifying a strength and how it can be best used to achieve a goal will allow us to take the best course of action to complete it. Resources: Gallup Website – video of strengths, “Book Leadership for a Better World”, “Strength Based Leadership”