6/7/18 Curriculum Session- Congruence

Submitted by JHilsher on Mon, 07/02/2018 - 10:49
Leadership Allegany
By Belinda Schlafer: Although we are only one month into our ten month program, I continue to be impressed with the Leadership Allegany program and curriculum. Throughout our short time in this program we have been encouraged us to understand our leadership strengths, and how to utilize those strengths within this program, our professions, and the community. Today’s guest speaker, Pam Witter, encouraged us to engage in authentic leadership through congruence; aligning our actions with our deeply held beliefs and convictions. This life-long journey of congruent leadership starts with a personal reflection about our values, beliefs, strengths, and limitations. Pam’s message was simple, yet inspiring. Be authentic. Be who you are. Be real, but willing to grow. Knowing and accepting who we are as leaders, the difficulties and the challenges we face, is the foundation of authentic leadership. I left our session feeling motivated to trust myself and my skills rather than trying to live out someone else’s leadership philosophy. I was inspired to live out my leadership strengths, rather than spending my energy trying to overcome my limitations. I was encouraged to be me.