Friday August 21st Agriculture Day

Submitted by ABump on Thu, 08/27/2015 - 14:41

On Friday August 21st the Leadership Allegany cohort met at Houghton College where we were informed we would be traveling to Centerville to experience the Genesee Valley Produce Auction. After a short drive to Centerville we saw the Auction pavilion. Sellers were busily putting their produce out for the buyers to see. The GVPA is run by the Amish and is open to the public. There were Retail tables for items available for immediate sale, a food stand with beverages and donuts and of course produce for auction. The idea of Genesee Valley Produce Auction is to provide local people, as well as wholesale buyers, the opportunity to buy fresh local produce. The Leadership Allegany cohort saw pallets of pumpkins, mums and onions, along with cantaloupes, flats of elderberries, fresh squash and much, much more. The GVPA provides Grower policies and procedures for the auction, packing guidelines and a buyer's guide. It is open from April through October every Tuesday and Friday. The auction begins at promptly 10:00a.m. This was a first for me and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys canning, fresh produce and supporting your local growers. The Leadership Allegany cohort then returned to Houghton College for an open discussion with Adam Buzzard from Your Local Produce Connection, about our experience with the auction. He spoke very passionately about sustainable agriculture, "micro markets", and Good Agriculture Practice (GAP). Adam reminded us to think about where our food comes from and the impact that even we can make by buying local.