Thursday June 18th - Judicial System Industry Day

Submitted by AZurlick on Mon, 07/27/2015 - 17:35

Thursday June 18th the Leadership Allegany cohort were give a special treat when they arrived for their Judicial System Industry Day. After arriving at the Belmont Court House, the cohort was introduced to Jean Levey (Family Court Clerk) Patricia Fogarty (Assistant Public Defender), J. Thomas Fuoco (Assistant District Attorney) and Dawn Wildrick-Cole (Court Attorney). During that time the speakers were able to work through and explain they myriad that is the public court system, and the day to day activities of all involved. They were open and extremely helpful to those that asked questions about court activities and how to traverse the differing courts. Following the time at the court house, the Leadership Allegany cohort drove down to the Allegany County Jail for a tour with Chris Ivers. There the cohort was able to tour the facility and were able to view all of the amazing programs implemented that help the jail be more economically self-sustainable. Some of these facilities include the incredibly clean kitchen and baking area, the garden and the pheasant farm, all areas where those serving time in the jail can give back to the community that they reside in. The cohort was able to see the intake facility as well as the medical area and learn how the delicate system is managed on a day to day basis. Such a tour was incredibly enlightening, and beneficial to see- allowing those involved in the program a glimpse and an understand of the county jail, the difference between jail and prison, and the types of programs and people who work to better the lives of those who reside in the facility.