What People Are Saying

Below are testimonials from alumni of the program reflecting on their experience.

"Leadership Allegany has allowed me to see various aspects of the county that I would not have seen otherwise. The insights and connections I have made will be lasting and serve my career well."
Mitchell Alger

"Choice proceeds consequence. They estimate that the average human being processes some 35,000 choices in any given day. My choice to participate in Leadership Allegany has already redeemed many wonderful exchanges with great professionals. Leadership Allegany has been a decision that has inspired me to make better choices around how to lead, provided education around the framework of good leadership in various local businesses, and has provided the motivation and environment for good leaders to become great leaders."
Marilee Arthur

“I have learned to use my strengths and to rely on my beliefs and sense of responsibility to better serve my community and to be a better person to those I have contact with.”
Christopher Ivers

"Leadership Allegany has provided me with a valuable, positive learning and networking experience which will continue to impact my life and career here in Allegany County. The program has afforded me the opportunity to meet many people I normally would not have crossed paths with. I am thankful for this opportunity."
Norma Kerling

“Leadership Allegany has been a great way to connect with a wonderful group of dedicated and passionate individuals in the community. Together we make up a powerful force that can create positive change on a local level. Additionally, it has broadened my perspective of the local community, drawing me outside of my own line of work and into the other industries operating here in Allegany County.”
Amanda Khodorkovskaya

“Through Leadership Allegany, I have a much better understanding of how the county runs. My eyes were opened wide when I learned about all the services that take place within the county. This experience makes me want to be a part of the collaboration.”
Corinna McKnight

“I’ve learned more about myself and my community in Leadership Allegany than through any other effort.”
Michael Miller

"Leadership Allegany has provided just the right tools at the perfect time to encourage me to sharpen my focus and direct my efforts as a business owner and community member. It has been the catalyst in helping me to get to know and love Allegany County and its people--I'm so very grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a unique program!"
Celeste Schoonover

“Leadership Allegany provided me with an invaluable experience for making professional and personal growth. Because of Leadership Allegany, I have a better understanding of my community's resources and needs.”
Rebecca Scott

“Allegany County, New York is filled with intelligent, creative, dedicated people quietly working every day to positively impact the lives of people in our county and people all over the world. We should all be proud of the people and things that call Allegany County home.”
Angela Tinder